Market yourself, the way you want! Create completely customizable, co brandable marketing materials at a touch of the

                          Marketing is key as you set out in the arena to get your name out in the marketplace. We know that the industry is highly competitive with
                          the rise of many large banks. However, with the right marketing tools, you will no longer need to worry about outshining your competition. PRMG’s
                          Amplifly Design Portal provides you with a platform to easily create marketing collateral from scratch or simply edit the templates we provide. No
                          need for a Marketing Assistant or Graphic Designer, the AMPLIFLY Marketing Portal will assist you in taking not only your image but business to the next level.

                       KEY BENEFITS

                                 • Automated Flyers Available for All Product Types!
                                 • Co Branded and Customizable Collateral!
                                 • Market Yourself, the Way You Want!
                                 • Share to Your Socials and Send an Email with a Click!
                                 • Quickly Order Printed Flyers to be Delivered to Your Doorstep!
                                 • And MORE!

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