Meet the Leadership Team
Paul Rozo

Paul Rozo
Chief Executive Officer

Paul Rozo is the founding partner of PRMG. His diverse background and expertise extends over 25 years in the Mortgage Banking Industry. Mr. Rozo provides exceptional leadership and oversees all facets of PRMG. Over the last 16 years, Mr. Rozo’s hands-on experience and passion for the business has not only demonstrated a strong commitment and dedication for what he does, but has enabled PRMG to successfully navigate through what has considered to have been the most difficult time in the history of mortgage banking. It was during this historical moment Mr. Rozo realized there was a unique opportunity to be leveraged, a “perfect storm” as he would later refer to it. Essentially recognizing that PRMG, was in fact, in the best possible position (the right place and time) to capture market share by helping preserve relationships and restoring confidence in mortgage brokers and industry professionals who were ready to bail out of the mortgage industry as a result of many lenders and competitors either closing shop or fallen to the wayside. This ultimately allowed Mr. Rozo and his business partners to grow and build PRMG into a “best in class” Top 25 out of 100 mortgage companies in America that now produces over $5 billion in annual production.

Robert Holliday
Chief Operating Officer

Robert Holliday is the co-founding partner of PRMG, and has over 25 years’ experience in the Mortgage Banking Industry including, Loan Origination, Operations, Underwriting, and Production. Mr. Holliday oversees all daily operations at PRMG. Mr. Holliday has helped build a strong operational structure and platform second to none in the mortgage industry. His expertise lends an in-depth understanding of all processes tied to originating, underwriting, funding, shipping, accounting, profitability, staffing, and third party originations. He maintains that enforcing both policy and procedure has enabled PRMG to focus on production without compromising the integrity of their loan quality for both retail and wholesale branches originating FNMA/FHLMC, FHA and VA loans.

Kevin Peranio
Chief Lending Officer

Kevin Peranio is the Chief Lending Officer and partner at PRMG. Kevin oversees production and works with the operations team on all forward-facing departments in the loan manufacturing process with the primary goal of enhancing and impacting the overall customer experience at PRMG. This includes creating robust reporting features to ensure accountability at all layers and levels of the process to provide a more user friendly environment. Kevin is a 4-Time President Cabinet Member, and was recognized as one of the Top 40 Most Influential Mortgage Executives Under 40. Prior to joining PRMG, Kevin spent 7 years with First Magnus Financial. There, as a Regional Manager he led a team of 107 employees to funding $265 million per month making his territory #1 in the nation. Subsequently, Kevin became an owner and COO of North Star Lending and was highly instrumental in all facets of operations. There, he successfully managed to get the company approved as a Fannie Mae Seller/Servicer; created an in-house servicing department; trained and oversaw Capital Markets and Secondary Marketing along with hedging and trading all while generating a most respectable servicing portfolio of residential mortgages. Since joining PRMG in 2010, Kevin led the Southeast territory to being ranked the #1 Region for PRMG in record time for the company. This ultimately led Kevin to becoming one of the youngest senior partners of PRMG at corporate headquarters in southern CA.

Gary Malis
Chief Strategy & Capital Markets Officer

Gary Malis is the Chief Strategy & Capital Markets Officer and partner at PRMG. Gary brings with him over 25 years’ experience in the mortgage industry, and will be overseeing and advising Corporate Strategy and Capital Markets for PRMG. This includes all areas of Secondary Marketing, Risk, Strategic Operations, Warehouse Lending, Compliance, Credit Policy, Ancillary Services, Valuations, and Acquisitions, all of which will impact growth, risk, budgeting, efficiency, execution and overall strategy for the company. Mr. Malis has a distinguished list of past accomplishments including an MBA from the University of Arizona; being one of the founding partners for First Magnus Financial Corporation; Capital Markets Officer for StoneWater Mortgage (the predecessor of Caliber Funding); and was the Managing Director for Strategic Executive Services.

Ron Gapp Jr.
General Counsel

Ron Gapp Jr., is PRMG’s General Counsel and a graduate of Chapman University. Ron obtained his Bachelor of Arts in Economics, with an emphasis in Business Administration and went on to continue his education by obtaining his Juris Doctorate Degree and subsequently admitted into the California Bar. Ron manages the Legal and Compliance Department and oversees Broker Services, Licensing, HMDA, Vendor Management and Consumer Complaints.

Bill Johnson
Chief Financial Officer

Bill Johnson brings with him over 25 years’ experience in both the mortgage finance and real estate industries. Bill is responsible for overseeing several departments at PRMG, including accounting, payroll, human resources, post-closing, financial reporting, treasury management and loan servicing. Bill reports directly to PRMG CEO, Paul Rozo. Previously throughout his career, along with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Northeastern University, Bill’s expertise in the areas of warehouse management, forecasting and budgeting led him to holding various executive positions including Vice President of Finance at Paramount Equity Mortgage in Roseville, CA and CFO at Pacific Capital Mortgage. Bill was the CFO for Pinnacle Capital Mortgage | Finance of America - a Blackstone Company, where along with the executive team he helped the company increase their annual production volume from $3 billion to $12 billion!

John Ashley
Chief Information Officer

John Ashley is PRMG’s Chief Information Officer. John is responsible for overseeing the entire infrastructure and operation of PRMG’s information systems. This includes managing a robust IT division, network operations, security systems, information management, and telecommunications. John holds several industry certifications including Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE), Certified Information Systems Security Professional(CISSP), and holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Security.

Angie Roman
Director of Secondary Marketing

Angie Roman has been in the mortgage business for over 19 years, specifically in leading Secondary Marketing functions for the last 15 years. As the Director of Secondary Marketing, Angie is responsible for the overall direction of pricing and market analysis of the Secondary Marketing Department and for directing monthly pipeline management of more than $1 billion in prime loans. Her responsibilities include managing the Secondary Marketing Team, working hand-in-hand with Product Development, creating new investor relationships, as well as supporting and managing existing ones. She applies her secondary marketing expertise in regards to products, pricing, and execution with an overall goal of increasing production while making sure that the trading dollars are optimized.