Paramount Residential Mortgage Group, INC. (PRMG) has been a leader in mortgage lending for well over a decade.

As one of the largest, privately held national mortgage residential lenders, PRMG has dedicated itself to “Making the American Dream of Homeownership” possible every day. With this mission, thousands of homeowners across the country have been able to purchase the home of their dreams. The impact PRMG has made over the years on not only their customers, but their business partners they have served, has allowed them to earn many accolades.


The ultimate goal is to help maintain the most competitive edge while operating efficiently – selling more new homes and sustaining higher profit margins.

Our builder experienced fulfillment centers are strategically located across the United States, with thousands of seasoned employees nationwide. Our objective is to work in conjunction with your timeline to obtain fast approvals and dose loans. We guarantee that you will experience consistent service!


We’re creating the strongest and most consistent presence in the national mortgage builder industry today.

We’re committed to ensuring that not only your borrowers, but your team is kept appraised throughout the entire loan process. We truly care about this business.


A vast product portfolio with various mortgages to fit all potential buyers’ needs and financial situations is key to your success.

Our builder team of experienced mortgage professionals are here to serve you. We understand the necessity of present day products and the modern buyer. Along with our immense vault of products, PRMG is willing to acquire new products that are in demand. Our objective is to further obtain a higher capture rate of approved buyers for you.