Introducing Eileen Andersen, PRMG’s Vice President of Strategic Growth!

February 08, 2022, BY PRMG MARKETING

PRMG is proud to announce its newest team member, Eileen Andersen as the Vice President of Strategic Growth!

Eileen is a well-connected mortgage industry veteran with 24 impressive years of experience under her belt.

She has a proven track record exemplifying her prominence in the industry. Her passion for seeing large organizations improve speaks to her level of success and why she continues to grow into the mortgage industry strategic giant she is. Prior to PRMG she helped take a company from making $3 billion to $9 BILLION in annual production.

Not only is she well known in the industry, but she’s also a Rockstar amongst her colleagues and peers. Her well rounded experience across many levels of the industry is why she is the perfect person for the job.

We are all very excited to have someone of Eileen’s pedigree join the PRMG family. Her professionalism combined with her enthusiasm will help all of us achieve greater heights,” says Chris Sorensen, Sr. Vice President and Director of National Retail Production.

Eileen is no stranger to the operations side of the mortgage industry, she found early on in her career that she did exemplary on the sales side of the business because of her effortless skill to connect well with others. She has extensive experience in Retail, Wholesale, and Correspondent Lending. While working in the Correspondent Lending realm, she sharpened her skills in trading and direct trading. To add to her extensive resume, she also worked in construction and warehouse lending too.

I’m looking forward to being part of a company that has so much positive energy. What made my decision to join PRMG is the leadership. The excitement, energy, and passion they all have will continue to make so many want to be a part of this amazing team,” says Eileen Andersen. She is ready to come in, boots on the ground and create ever-lasting footprints.

Eileen will report directly to Sr. Vice President and Director of National Retail Production, Chris Sorensen. To get in contact with Eileen Andersen she can be reached at 312.730.3567 or


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