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Paul Rozo, PRMG CEO, Featured as NAHREP’S Top Latino-Owned Business!

April 27th, 2023, BY PRMG MARKETING

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Paul Rozo

“I speak for my entire PRMG family when I say how humbled and blessed we feel to have our organization recognized in NAHREP’s Top Latino Owned Business Spotlight”– Paul Rozo

For the first time ever, NAHREP has released the Top Latino-Owned Business Spotlight, featuring PRMG’s very own, CEO and Founder, Paul Rozo!

The business leaders in the spotlight are being showcased in SOMOS Magazine, an annual publication offering an exclusive look into the world of NAHREP. This Top Latino-Owned Business list recognizes Latino-owned businesses in the residential real estate industry and how their contributions have increased Latino homeownership based on multiple factors including gross revenue.

There is a total of 12 Latino business owners being recognized and comprised of various companies ranging from real estate, property management, appraisal to marketing and mortgage lending featuring Paul Rozo in the number one spot.

Rozo attributes his personal work ethic and competitive drive to his mother after witnessing her entrepreneurial spirit and tireless efforts while never compromising her commitment and responsibility to the family. “Reflecting back, one of my fondest memories was my first “sales job” as an 8yr old boy going door to door on Fridays after school selling my mother’s baked goods straight out of the family station wagon”, said Rozo

Paul went on to say how he continued to support his mother’s ventures throughout grade-school. She owned and operated a garment manufacturing business where after meeting his sports, athletic, and academic obligations, would join her late into the night at the factory operating industrial-grade sewing machines to steaming & bagging finished product to meet manufacturers deadlines. Not long after and throughout his college years would Paul continue to lend a helping hand of support with a small restaurant business his mother owned — all of which has served as his inspiration and “blueprint” for leading both PRMG and his family.

The sum of Paul’s experiences observing and helping his mother during his formative years not only shaped him to become the respected businessman, husband, and father he is today, but continue to drive his unyielding passion and commitment for all those he serves and who rely on him while always remaining “comfortable doing the uncomfortable” especially when making tough and necessary decisions to survive when others could not– and thrive–while others did not.

PRMG is dedicated to the mission of being “Progressively Better in All that We Do.”

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